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Quiz: How Good and Beautiful Is Your Marriage?

Beautiful Womanhood: Marriage Mentoring and Training for Women and Churches

We do this through a variety of ways. For individual women, we offer marriage mentoring and small group programs for wives, as well as mentor training programs and resources through the Beautiful Womanhood Mentor Academy.

For churches and ministries, we also offer powerful, effective marriage mentor training curriculum and support through the Beautiful Womanhood Mentor Academy  and The Beautiful Wife Mentor’s Guide for your current and potential mentors. Additionally, we conduct conferences, seminars, retreats, and church consultation for those who wish to grow a robust mentoring ministry.

Expertise for Wives: Marriage Mentoring and Resources

Does your marriage have difficulties and challenges?
Do you feel stuck or unsatisfied?
Would you like greater intimacy, communication, desire, and clarity?
Do you want a healthy and fulfilling marriage, all that God desires it to be?

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Expertise for Marriage Mentors: Marriage Mentor Training, Small Groups, and Resources

Do you want to help other women have happier, healthier relationships?
Do you want to be more effective in ministry?
Do you need additional tools and resources to help you be an effective mentor?

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Expertise for Churches and Ministries: Marriage Mentor Training, Small Groups, Marriage Conferences, Retreats, and Resources

Are marriages struggling in your church?
Would you like to offer encouragement, support, and resources to women?
Do you have a group of trained marriage mentors or coaches who feel confident to provide lay ministry to wives?

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Check out Sandy Ralya´s most recent books on marriage and mentoring!

The Beautiful Wife: Focused on Christ, Fulfilled in Marriage by Sandy Ralya The Beautiful Wife Mentor's Guide by marriage expert Sandy Ralya The Beautiful Wife Prayer Journal by marriage expert Sandy Ralya
The Beautiful Wife The Beautiful Wife Mentor’s Guide The Beautiful Wife Prayer Journal




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