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Did you just hear me on FOCUS ON THE FAMILY? Click this link – I have a gift for you!

When my marriage was messy, mentoring made all the difference.

I want you to enjoy the same mentoring opportunities that helped me, so I began writing a trio of books designed to bring women together. (see below) I pray the content within these books will be a source of inspiration and instruction for those desiring to grow their marriage. For those struggling, I pray these books provide a path forward.

FOR WIVES, I offer individual mentoring and curriculum for small groups

FOR MENTORS, I offer The Beautiful Wife Mentor’s Guide and a special gift: Listen, Love, and Lead Others Into Healthier Relationships Video Series.

EXPERTISE FOR WIVES: Marriage Mentoring

Does your marriage have difficulties and challenges?
Do you feel stuck or unsatisfied?
Would you like greater intimacy, communication, desire, and clarity?
Do you want a healthy and fulfilling marriage, all that God desires it to be?

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Check out Sandy Ralya´s most recent books on marriage and mentoring!

The Beautiful Wife: Focused on Christ, Fulfilled in Marriage by Sandy Ralya The Beautiful Wife Mentor's Guide by marriage expert Sandy Ralya The Beautiful Wife Prayer Journal by marriage expert Sandy Ralya
The Beautiful Wife The Beautiful Wife Mentor’s Guide The Beautiful Wife Prayer Journal





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