How to Drop the Dead Weight Which Weighs on Your Marriage

Is there a drag on your marriage? Something that weighs it down and creates pain?

During the 21 Day Fast for a Fruitful Marriage, I unpack how God guides you to shed the weight and experience unconditional love, greater joy, peace, patience, kindheartedness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. These fruits will bring life to a marriage!

Listen in…


21 Day Fast for a Fruitful Marriage Challenge

Would you like to see a greater harvest of the good stuff in your marriage in 2017? More love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?

Fruitfulness is exactly what God desires for your marriage and mine. In fact, fruitfulness is very important to Jesus. Fruitfulness was the topic of Jesus’ last message to the disciples before He was betrayed in Gethsemane’s Garden. Think about that: He was about to die and fruitfulness was the message He wanted to leave ringing in His closest friend’s ears.

During my 21 day Fasting for a Fruitful Marriage Challenge, I’ll share with you the secrets that encourage sweeter, abundant fruit from your marriage.

Understanding fruitfulness will

Help you identify how God is dealing with you
Eliminate misery due to fruitlessness
Answer the question: ‘What is God up to in my life?’ and ‘Why isn’t my life turning out as I expected?’


Making Peace in Relationships

I’m wrestling with the concept of peace this Christmas. Estranged from certain family members, I suffer more anxiety than peace when musical strains depicting warm family gatherings penetrate my conscious mind. Honestly, it’s difficult not to grow anxious or cynical.

Can you relate? Are you robbed of peace worrying about a stressed or broken relationship this Christmas?


Wives Celebrating Advent

advent messages or wivesAre there encouraging messages within Scripture for wives celebrating advent? Can you plumb the depths of Bethlehem and discover gifts of blessing for your marriage?

In fact, there are several messages for wives within the miracle of Jesus’ arrival on Earth and I’ll be unpacking these treasures during December’s series of blogs. These blogs are written specifically for wives seeking the King of King’s best gifts this Christmas.

A Priesthood At Home

Hebrews 5 describes the ‘why’ behind Jesus advent or arrival on Earth as a baby. He was sent by God to be a high priest on our behalf.

The job of every high priest is reconciliation: approaching God on behalf of others and offering Him gifts and sacrifices to repair the damage caused by our sins against God and each other. High Priest’s should have compassion for those who are ignorant of the faith and those who fall out of the faith because he, himself, has wrestled with human weakness. And so the priest must offer sacrifices both for his sins and for the those of the people.

The office of high priest and the honor that goes along with it isn’t one that someone just takes. A high priest must be called by God.

You, my dear reader, are called to be priests in your home. In fact, I believe some of you have been sensing the nudge of the Holy Spirit to perform the role of priest without realizing that it was to the priesthood you’ve been called. Incidentally, the role of priest does not include preaching.l

Whenever you pray for your husband or share a cup of cold water with him in Jesus’ name, you’re a priest. You’re communicating the grace of God.

Lessons for Wives Celebrating Advent

When Jesus lived on earth, He offered up prayers and pleas, groans and tears to the One who could save Him from death. He was heard because He approached God with regard and deep respect.

  1. When you recognize that God alone has the answers you need, and when you enter His gates with thanksgiving, in spite of the difficulty you face, you’ve donned priestly robes.
  2. When you ask God to bless your husband rather than dress him down, you’ve just been promoted to the office of high priest.

Although He was a Son, Jesus, our high priest, learned obedience through the things He suffered. And once He was perfected through that suffering He became the way of eternal salvation for all those who hear and follow Him.

Did you catch that? Although He was a Son. If Jesus, the perfect Lamb of God was not spared suffering, His daughters won’t escape it either.

So don’t be surprised or feel you’ve been forgotten if you find yourself in deep struggle this Christmas. ┬áLet the reason for Jesus’ Advent remind you that you’ve been called to a priestly duty: to offer gifts and sacrifices to God on your husband’s behalf. These are the gifts God treasures most.

What gift is fit to bring your King this Christmas? An affirmative response┬áto the role of priest He’s calling you to.

What priestly sacrifices is the Holy Spirit prompting you to make on behalf of your husband?

When Biblical Marriage Strategies Fail to Produce

Ever been introduced to biblical marriage strategies that failed to produce satisfying results? Having your hopes dashed like that sucks the air right out of your lungs.

When you’re facing marriage challenges, you’re looking for ideas and strategies that lead to a place of re-connection with your spouse. So you strap on your hiking boots and begin the climb with anticipation of a favorable outcome.

Yet many times these strategies fail to produce the results you’d hoped for. After laboring upward for days, weeks, or months all you see is barren wilderness in all directions.


Why a Child-Focused Marriage is Dangerous

Do you have a child-focused marriage? On Sunday, I heard a message that challenges conventional wisdom and the marital safety of focusing too much on children.

If you’re short on time, fast forward to point #2 at 1:05:25. If not, I promise the whole message will be worth your time.

Unmet Expectations and What Wives Can Do About Them

Have unmet expectations concerning your husband got you ‘stuck’? When things don’t turn out as you envisioned, it’s easy to get discouraged and lose your way.

Thankfully, God has given us strategies in His word that have the power to dislodge a marriage suffering from unmet expectations. I’ve uncovered 3 so far in this series.


Feel Stuck in Your Marriage?

If you’re in a place where you feel ‘stuck’ in your marriage, you’re not alone. In fact, almost every wife under the sun has felt stuck at one time or another.

Because so many women stay ‘stuck’, I’m sharing 4 strategies this month that will dislodge your marriage from the mire.

Strategy #1 Listening

Strategy #2 Ask God for a Word

Strategy #3 Fasting

When I was stuck in a toxic marriage, I became desperate for wisdom and direction because none of my own efforts seemed to dislodge our stuck marriage.


Strategy #2 for Dislodging a Marriage That’s Stuck

Do you feel trapped in a marriage that’s stuck? When movement seems painful or impossible, you need to ask God for a word.

Strategy #2 Ask God for a Word

When my marriage was stuck and divorce or death seemed preferable to my miserable marriage, I asked God for a word. And He didn’t go silent on me.