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Why a Child-Focused Marriage is Dangerous

Do you have a child-focused marriage? On Sunday, I heard a message that challenges conventional wisdom and the marital safety of focusing too much on children.

If you’re short on time, fast forward to point #2 at 1:05:25. If not, I promise the whole message will be worth your time.

Unmet Expectations and What Wives Can Do About Them

Have unmet expectations concerning your husband got you ‘stuck’? When things don’t turn out as you envisioned, it’s easy to get discouraged and lose your way.

Thankfully, God has given us strategies in His word that have the power to dislodge a marriage suffering from unmet expectations. I’ve uncovered 3 so far in this series.


Feel Stuck in Your Marriage?

If you’re in a place where you feel ‘stuck’ in your marriage, you’re not alone. In fact, almost every wife under the sun has felt stuck at one time or another.

Because so many women stay ‘stuck’, I’m sharing 4 strategies this month that will dislodge your marriage from the mire.

Strategy #1 Listening

Strategy #2 Ask God for a Word

Strategy #3 Fasting

When I was stuck in a toxic marriage, I became desperate for wisdom and direction because none of my own efforts seemed to dislodge our stuck marriage.


Strategy #2 for Dislodging a Marriage That’s Stuck

Do you feel trapped in a marriage that’s stuck? When movement seems painful or impossible, you need to ask God for a word.

Strategy #2 Ask God for a Word

When my marriage was stuck and divorce or death seemed preferable to my miserable marriage, I asked God for a word. And He didn’t go silent on me.


4 Strategies for Dislodging a ‘Stuck’ Marriage

You know what it feels like when your marriage is stuck. But do you know how to dislodge a stuck marriage mired in boredom, exasperation, or even hopelessness?

When you feel trapped, you need a helping hand to pull you out. So this month I’m extending a helping hand by offering 4 strategies (over the course of 4 weeks) which will help dislodge your ‘stuck’ marriage so you can move to a new place.


How to Inspire Your Husband to Become Your Greatest Fan

What if you could inspire your husband to be your greatest fan? Jennelle did just that simply by saying ‘yes’ to joining a small group at her church.

Jennelle contacted me a few months ago and shared some of her experiences in that group studying The Beautiful Wife . During the study, a huge impact was made on her marriage, she developed relationships with life-long friends, and she made a fan of her husband.

Thank-you dear Jennelle for sharing your story with me and now others. You’ve not only inspired your husband to want to return the favor you’ve given him, but now you’re inspiring others and, as a result, they’re experiencing a transformation in their marriages. And that’s plain awesome!

Without further ado, Meet Jennelle Bergsma.

Can One Sentence Change Your Marriage and Family?

Can one moment, idea, or even a sentence really change your marriage and family? It did for Brittanie Wright!

I heard about Brittanie’s story from her friend Ashley. And it was so encouraging that I knew I wanted you to hear about it during the Marriage Breakthrough Summer Blockbuster Series.

So thank you dear Brittanie for your honesty in sharing what God revealed to you after reading one sentence. Your boldness to follow Him is inspirational!

Without further ado, meet Brittanie Wright!

Marriage Breakthrough Summer Blockbuster Series

Ashley had a marriage breakthrough. It was so significant that I asked her to tell you about it during my Summer Blockbuster Series.

When Ashley first told me her story, I was truly amazed by her honesty. Her honesty will thrill your heart as you begin to see just how powerfully God will work in and through you as you follow where He leads. Like Ashley did.

Thanks for letting me share your story dear Ashley!

Without further ado, meet Ashley Gibson!



Finding Your Way Back to a Covenant Marriage

Have you lost your way in marriage? Could be you’ve lost your ‘why’ about the covenant marriage you signed up for.

The missing ‘why’ goes all the way back to the vows you spoke during your wedding. To the covenant vows you spoke aloud in a crowd of witnesses and agreed to when you said, ” I do”.

Just last week I listened to a message about covenant marriage which challenged a good friend of mine and inspired her to rethink her vows. I’m posting the message below because it was just


A Pressure-Releasing Message for Frustrated Wives

Are you a frustrated wife? When Tom isn’t getting on board with my plans, I can easily become a frustrated wife.

We recently sold our farm and are actively pursuing our next home. A downsized version. We’ve found a couple of contenders and while Tom is leaning one way, I am leaning heavily in the other direction.

OK. I’m doing more than leaning because I want that adorable stone cottage!