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Christian Marriage Conference for Couples

The Drive: The Journey of a God-Driven Marriage

Sandy Ralya and her husband Tom have experienced the hopelessness of a messy marriage. But thanks to the marriage-saving power of mentoring, their marriage was transformed. Tom and Sandy Ralya have shared their story through radio, television, and magazines, including Focus on the Family, Family Life Today, Everyday Relationships, and First for Women. They now share this same story– The Drive–at churches and organized events around the country. To inquire about scheduling Tom and Sandy Ralya for your Christian marriage conference or seminar, marriage retreat, or other event, contact them today.

Christian marriage conference for couples with Sandy Ralya and husband Tom, The Drive

The Drive Quick Summary

Marriage, like life, is a highway. And on this journey husbands and wives have different God-given roles, a different seat, a different perspective, and a different part to play as they seek to become unified. Yet experiencing unity can be hard work! Whether your marriage needs repair or restoration, let Tom and Sandy Ralya steer you in the right direction. They share their powerful story of redemption, using the reliable roadmap that guided them to a marriage of unity, intimacy, and blessing.

Christian Marriage Conference Features

  • 1-hour joint teaching by Tom and Sandy Ralya
  • Break-out session for wives led by Sandy
  • Break-out session for husbands led by Tom
  • Mini-session for husbands led by Sandy
  • Mini-session for wives led by Tom
  • Husband and wife mini-date break-out session
  • Interactive participant booklet
  • Implements props and media
  • Q & A
  • The Drive media including music, logo, invitations, envelopes, and commitment cards

Target Audience for The Drive

Any couple, married or unmarried, who desires to enjoy a marriage of unity, harmony, and longevity.

Possible Event Formats

This marriage event can be delivered as a half or full day workshop, marriage conference or seminar, or marriage retreat. We customize the event to meet your needs.

Intended Outcomes

In this Christian marriage conference and event for couples, your audience deserves more than just a great story. Through this presentation, participants will

  • Assess the strength of their marital health
  • Discover 6 potholes that damage unity
  • Learn 4 essentials that enhance any marriage
  • Discover how to create safety and connection through communication
  • Learn what to do when a marriage gets stuck
  • Discover where to get high-octane fuel for the drive
  • Understand the wife’s role
  • Understand the husband’s role
  • Increase unity, joy, and peace within marriage

Topic Authority

  • Tom and Sandy have been married since 1980
  • One or both of the Ralya’s have been interviewed on Focus on the Family, Family Life Today, and Harvest TV
  • Sandy is the author of The Beautiful Wife marriage mentoring curriculum, which is used in small groups all over the country
  • Sandy is the founder and director of Beautiful Womanhood, a marriage mentoring ministry for wives
  • Together and individually, the Ralya’s have mentored hundreds of husbands and wives

Contact Information for Beautiful Womanhood

Contact us to inquire about having Tom and Sandy Ralya speak at your church or gathering today!

Christian marriage conference for couples with Sandy Ralya and husband Tom Christian marriage conference for couples with Sandy Ralya and husband Tom

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