Fasting for Marriage

Fasting for Marriage Produces Breakthrough Power!

Fasting for a Marriage Breakthrough - eBook by Sandy Ralya

Ready to shake things up and experience new life in your marriage? Then it’s time you learn about the breakthrough power of fasting.

Nowadays most women don’t know how important fasting is to their spiritual lives. Jesus fully expected us to fast. Fasting for a Marriage Breakthrough uses examples right from the Bible and my personal stories. This book will equip you to know how to fast for the breakthrough in your marriage you have been hoping to find!

I am offering my e-book as a gift to you. I’m doing this because I’d like to invite you into something much bigger than Beautiful Womanhood.

Since early this summer (2017), I have been involved with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). MNM trains courageous Christians around the world to effectively plant healthy churches in communities where there is little or no evangelical presence. Many of these places are also very dangerous areas to live and raise a family.

My e-book is provided at no cost to you. Would you consider giving to MNM? Please click on the Donate button below. As you find out how to give to MNM, you will meet a courageous Christian that I met while I was in El Salvador earlier this year.

When you give, you will be a partner with me in helping women like you and me living in the unsafe places like El Salvador. If you have been blessed, consider blessing someone else by paying the blessing forward with a financial gift to MNM.

Donate to Multiplication Network Ministries

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Fasting for a Marriage Breakthrough

My gift to you!

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