Christian Author and Speaker Sandy Ralya

Christian Author and Speaker Sandy Ralya

As a speaker, Sandy Ralya has spoken to thousands of women all over the nation. She is the author of The Beautiful Wife, The Beautiful Wife Mentor’s Guide, and The Beautiful Wife Prayer Journal and the founder of Beautiful Womanhood. Beautiful Womanhood is a marriage mentoring ministry that encourages wives and equips marriage mentors. As a marriage speaker and expert, she has appeared in major radio, television, and magazine interviews.

Conferences, Seminars, and Events

Sandy Ralya is a dynamic, sought-after speaker for all women, not only wives.
She speaks at

  • Women’s retreats and events
  • Church leadership conferences
  • Marriage seminars and conferences
  • Christian camps
  • Moms’ and couples’ groups around the country and in Canada

 Popular Speaking Topics


Sandy Ralya’s Media Appearances

Sandy Ralya been featured on television, radio, magazines, and social media platforms. Her marriage testimony was the focus of popular interviews on Focus on the Family, Family Life Today, and Everyday Relationships. She has appeared on television’s Babbie’s House, Harvest TV, Walking by Faith, and Time Out for Women. Sandy was interviewed in a Women’s First article, a magazine read by millions.

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Beautiful Women

Sandy Ralya at Focus on the Family
Focus on the Family

Sandy Ralya at Everyday Relationships radio interview
Everyday Relationships

Sandy Ralya The Harvest Show interview
The Harvest Show

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