Feel Stuck in Your Marriage?

lightstock_111002_small_sandyIf you’re in a place where you feel ‘stuck’ in your marriage, you’re not alone. In fact, almost every wife under the sun has felt stuck at one time or another.

Getting ‘stuck’ is normal and to be expected. Staying stuck is another matter.

Because so many women stay ‘stuck’, I’m sharing 4 strategies this month that will dislodge your marriage from the mire.

Strategy #1 Listening

Strategy #2 Ask God for a Word

Strategy #3 Fasting

When I was stuck in a toxic marriage, I became desperate for wisdom and direction because none of my own efforts seemed to dislodge our stuck marriage.

That’s right about the time I read about fasting in Matthew 17. Soon after, the Holy Spirit prompted me to begin fasting.

I invite you to listen in as I share in 3 videos what I learned about fasting and its power for a breakthrough in marriage. Each video is approximately 15 minutes long.

There’s only once step you must take in order to watch these free videos. Please register at this link. Then watch for an email in your inbox for the direct link to the videos.

Grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable and listen in as I share how fasting will dislodge a marriage that’s stuck.


P.S. Moving update: The estate sale I hosted last week was a phenomenal success! Thanks to everyone who came out and bought my stuff. It was great connecting with all of you.

Special thanks to my granddaughters Ava and Ella
who proved they have a future in sales!








Grandaughters Ava (left) and Ella (right) enjoying a
hot stone pedicure after 2 long days working the estate sale.

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