Finding Your Way Back to a Covenant Marriage

covenant marriageHave you lost your way in marriage? Could be you’ve lost your ‘why’ about the covenant marriage you signed up for.

The missing ‘why’ goes all the way back to the vows you spoke during your wedding. The covenant vows you spoke aloud in a crowd of witnesses and agreed to when you said, ” I do”.

Just last week I listened to a message about covenant marriage which challenged a good friend of mine and inspired her to rethink and eventually rewrite her marriage vows. I’m posting the message we both listened to below because it was

If you want the condensed version, you need only listen to 3 minutes that could change the entire perspective you currently have about the struggle you’re lost in. Learning about a covenant vs. consumer marriage will inspire you with both fresh insight and not a little conviction.

If you have more time, listen to the full 33 minutes and gain some wise insight about talking to your kids about sex. Additionally, you’ll learn from Jesus’ Himself about how to elevate the discussion about sex above religious rules that suck the life from the beauty of sexuality. When we reduce sexuality to a bunch of rules, we miss the bigger picture God intended and unintentionally render the church ‘irrelevant’ by a world in desperate need of a biblical sexual perspective.

Be refreshed as you listen in!

Covenant Marriage

Listen to 5:04-8:00.

Christ’s teaching about Sexuality

Listen to the whole message!


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