How to Pray for a Fearful Husband

How to Pray for a Fearful HusbandFill in the blank: My husband is afraid of______________. Every one of us struggles with fear, but have you isolated the fear which gnaws at his heart and claws at his mind? What would happen if you specifically and repeatedly committed to pray for a fearful husband?

It’s important for praying wives to know what fears eat away at your husband so you can target your prayers accordingly. If you don’t know, ask God. Listen quietly for His guidance.

Once you’re ready to tackle the specific fear, it’s time to pray.

How to Pray for a Fearful Husband

  1. Begin by thanking God for the privilege of praying for your husband.
  2. Ask Him to free your husband from the fear of __________________.
  3. Tell the the fearful spirit of ______________ to leave your husband in Jesus’ name! (Matthew 16:19)
  4. Ask the Lord to fill your husband with power, love and a sound mind in place of the spirit of fear (II Timothy 1:7)
  5. Thank the Lord for freeing your husband from all his fears. (Psalm 34:4)
  6. Ask the Lord to fill your husband with a fresh knowledge of God’s love which will drive out the fear of _______________ (I John 4:18).
  7. Thank God for hearing and answering your prayers!

After you’ve asked the Lord to free your husband from fear, do not ask again. Instead, pray the prayer above from a position of thanks.┬áThis will relieve the tension that repeated asking creates.

Prayer for Day 2 and Beyond

Lord, Thank-you for the privilege of praying for my husband. I thank-you for freeing Him from the fear of _____________. I thank you that in Jesus’ name, the fearful spirit of __________________ has packed its bags and will never torment my husband again. I thank you Lord that you are filling my husband with power, love, and a sound mind. Thank-you for freeing him from all his fears! I’m grateful that your Spirit is pursuing my husband with a fresh knowledge of God’s love which drives out every lurking fear. Thanks for doing this Lord, in Jesus’ name!

When you regularly pray for a fearful husband, you will begin to see God move. He delights in answering prayers that align with His Word.

Watch what happens to a man whose chains of fear melt away like so many icicles on a warm day. You will see a man set free to live and love fully. Praying for a fearful husband will bless your entire family and everyone whom he comes into contact with.

Are you specifically targeting your husband’s fears in prayer?

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