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Marriage Mentor Training

Imagine. An increase in healthy, satisfying marriages in your church. Support and encouragement for married women so they can be at their best. The divorce rate plummeting. It can happen. And we can help you! We provide affordable marriage mentor training for church and ministry leaders, as well as potential mentors. Sandy Ralya can deliver the marriage mentor training live and in-person. Or the training can be delivered through our online Beautiful Womanhood Mentor Academy. It’s easy, fast, and effective.

“[Church] leadership must encourage (and equip further) specially gifted older women to seek younger women who desire to be trained.” Bible Knowledge Commentary

Church Leaders Considering Marriage Mentor Training

  1. Are there marriages in your church or ministry that are struggling or need strengthening?
  2. For various reasons, are you not able to devote as much time to the topic of marriage as you’d like?
  3. Would you like to utilize lay leaders to strengthen marriages and thereby secure the family unit and church for future generations?
  4. Do you know of individuals who would make good marriage mentors?

Potential and Current Mentors Considering Marriage Mentor Training

  1. Do you desire marriage mentor training and a proven curriculum so you can effectively mentor others?
  2. Do you want to mentor but aren’t sure how to go about it successfully?
  3. Do you want to respond to the needs of wives and build relationships with other women?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then the Beautiful Womanhood Mentor Training is right for you!

Overview of the Beautiful Womanhood Mentor Training

Titus 2:3-5 encourages wives to teach and train one another. So why aren’t more marriages impacted by discipleship and mentoring? Giving her testimony to thousands of women each year about how mentoring saved her marriage, Sandy Ralya understands the challenges church leaders face.

Who is and is not a mentor? What qualifies a woman to mentor? How does mentoring differ from coaching and counseling? What obstacles keep a woman from mentoring? What are effective mentoring practices?

Before a woman can mentor, she needs answers to all of these questions. Otherwise, confusion and intimidation will keep her from fulfilling this God-given call. Marriage mentors can make Titus 2 a reality. Challenging, yes! But yet necessary for healthier, happier, godly marriages. We’ll guide you and give you everything you need to launch, promote, and sustain an effective and successful mentoring ministry. We offer a combination of training, printed curriculum, mentoring resources, and support and promotional tools. And best yet? You can either have Sandy Ralya deliver the training live and at your location to mentors, typically following one of her events. Or, the same training, support and resources can be delivered online through the Beautiful Womanhood Mentor Academy.

Why Marriage Mentor Training? Why Sandy Ralya?

An investment in mentoring will grow and strengthen marriage. In 9 out of 10 marriages surveyed, women who attended Beautiful Womanhood small groups led by a trained mentor saw their marriages improve! Sandy Ralya speaks all around the country, bringing her message of hope and encouragement to women everywhere. She is recognized as a leading authority in marriage and mentoring. Her book The Beautiful Wife has received rave reviews, and has been the basis for marriage small groups sprouting up all over the world. Notably, she has been interviewed by major media, including Focus on the Family, Everyday Relationships, Family Life Today, First for Women and Proverbs 31 magazine.

Contact Beautiful Womanhood About Marriage Mentor Training

To find out more about a live, on-location training, contact Beautiful Womanhood. Or find out more about the convenience and cost-effectiveness of the online Beautiful Womanhood Mentor Academy today.



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