Romance and Marriage Conference and Retreat

Inviting Romance: Romance and Marriage Conference and Retreat

Description of Inviting Romance: Romance and Marriage Conference and Retreat

In a delightfully humorous presentation ideal for a Christian romance and marriage conference and retreat, Sandy Ralya shares a surprising truth: Certain words and actions frequently used by women often serve as stumbling blocks! Instead, women can learn how to invite their husbands into a more romantic marriage relationship. In Inviting Romance, Sandy reveals 5 steps women can take to remove the obstacles that derail romance, intimacy, and communication.

Inviting Romance Outline

This romance marriage conference and retreat is built around 5 steps women can take to get off the marriage train-wreck and get back to a romance-filled, beautiful marriage:

  1. Trust Instead of Control. Few wives recognize their tendency to control. Unfortunately, this negatively impacts the intimacy they desire with their husband. Sandy Ralya encourages women to recognize when fear motivates the need to control. She also encourages repentance and reliance on God, rather than attempting to control what is not in their hands. 
  2. Respect Instead of Demean.  A long list of negative motivations prohibits wives from giving their husbands the respect God demands. Going against this natural, yet unbiblical, tendency to disrespect is easier when you understand the motivation behind it. However, this tendency turns men into either antagonists or wimps. Hardly what women want!
  3. Appreciate Instead of Criticize. The characteristics that delighted women during dating may now irritate them to no end. Sound familiar? Avoiding the temptation to be critical can be found in the wisdom of Philippians 4:8: Dwell on the good in your marriage, not on the bad.
  4. Confer Confidence Instead of Doubt. “Do I have what it takes?” is the question every married man asks. How women answer that question determines the level of intimacy they enjoy. Breathing words of confidence into their husbands will cause these men to move mountains for the women they love..
  5. Expose Vulnerability Instead of Defensiveness. Living on the defense offers little hope that men will charge the castle to rescue their wives while arrows are flying at them. There’s a better way! Vulnerability says, “I’m hurt, I’m not perfect, and You may have a point!”

Inviting Romance Intended Audience

This conference and retreat is designed for wives who want to increase the level of intimacy and romance they enjoy with their husband. Women who hope to marry or remarry also benefit from this presentation.

Inviting Romance Format and Features

Inviting Romance is not only practical and fun, but also incorporates dynamic teaching, as well as media. It can be delivered through a 30-45 minute breakout session, 60 minute keynote presentation or seminar, marriage retreat, or a half-day workshop or conference that builds upon the content by including relevant discussion groups, exercises, activities, and marriage tools.

Intended Results

Through this romance and marriage conference and retreat, audience members will

  • Learn techniques that increase their ability to trust
  • Discover the key that unlocks the love they desire
  • Create a mutually supportive marriage
  • Open up lines of communication
  • Better understand the power of vulnerability
  • Foster loyalty and trust within their marriages

Why Bring Sandy Ralya to Speak?

Sandy Ralya speaks all around the country, bringing her message of hope and encouragement to women everywhere. She is recognized as a leading authority in Christian marriage and mentoring. Her book The Beautiful Wife has received rave reviews, and has been the basis for marriage small groups sprouting up all over the world. Notably, she has been interviewed by major media, including Focus on the Family, Everyday Relationships, and Family Life Today.

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