Small Groups for Women and Churches | Grow Marriages, Build Relationships

Do You Desire to Help Grow Marriages? Do You Have a Mentor’s Heart?

Most women doubt whether they have what it takes to mentor another woman into a healthier relationship. That’s why I’ve created the Listen, Love, & Lead Others Into Healthier Relationships Video Series. And I’m giving it away!

These videos will help you

  • Create Strong Connections
  • Build Bridges
  • Prove Yourself Irresistible

with your daughter, daughter-in-law, neighbor, co-worker or any woman with whom you have relationship! You will absolutely LOVE the practical content delivered in these videos. I practice what I preach and the information contained in these videos has dramatically improved my ability to connect with others!

And I’m giving it away.

I’m giving you the gift of these videos because I’d like to invite you into something bigger than you and me. I’ve recently been introduced to Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). MNM trains courageous Christians around the world to effectively plant healthy churches in communities where there is little to no evangelical presence. To learn more, click on the Donate Here link below. You’ll be under no obligation to give. However, you will meet a courageous Christian named Luis Rosales whom I met while in El Salvador.

If you have been blessed, consider blessing another by paying the blessing forward.



Click HERE to download the Listen, Love, & Lead Others Into Healthier Relationships Video Series. (don’t click the picture)

To retrieve your videos

  1. Click on the link Listen, Love, & Lead Others
  2. Click Media Actions (top right blue button)
  3. Select Download







Are you ready to lead a small group of wives using The Beautiful Wife curriculum?

Beautiful Womanhood Small Groups

  • Build meaningful friendships between women in your church or community
  • Grow your marriage or the marriages of women you know
  • Create  an intimate environment where women openly share their challenges, successes, and ideas
  • Provide an atmosphere of support and encouragement for women in their marriage and faith

The Beautiful Wife Mentor’s Guide for Small Groups

Small groups for women and churches: grow marriages, build relationships

The Beautiful Wife Mentor’s Guide offers strategies, ideas, and resources that all church leaders and mentors need. Know how to lead discussion. Learn how to share God’s Word. Know what wives really want from you. Understand how to create a supportive environment. Help women grow their marriages. And thrive. Through the Mentor’s Guide, you will gain mentoring skills and confidence.



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