Small Groups for Women and Churches | Grow Marriages, Build Relationships

Small Groups for Women and Churches: Grow Marriages, Build Relationships

Beautiful Womanhood small groups may be just what you’re looking for if you want to

  • Build meaningful friendships between women in your church or community
  • Grow your marriage or the marriages of women you know
  • Be in an intimate environment where women openly share their challenges, successes, and ideas
  • Support and encourage other women in their marriage and faith

Beautiful Womanhood Small Groups Enable You to

  • Partner with a marriage mentor
  • Improve marriages–your own and the women in your small group
  • Learn and practice biblical principles
  • Enjoy community with other wives
  • Discuss questions from The Beautiful Wife: Focused on Christ, Fulfilled in Marriage
  • Take accountability action steps that produce growth in your marriage
  • Be encouraged and inspired

The Beautiful Wife Mentor’s Guide for Small Groups

Small groups for women and churches: grow marriages, build relationships

If you’re leading a small group for women, we offer the resources you need. Perhaps you are hosting your own small group in your home or community. Or you are leading or coordinating a small group for your church. Our mentor’s guide and the Mentor Academy can help you be successful.

The Beautiful Wife Mentor’s Guide offers strategies, ideas, and resources that all church leaders and mentors need. Know how to lead discussion. Learn how to share God’s Word. Know what wives really want from you. Understand how to create a supportive environment. Help women grow their marriages. And thrive. Through the Mentor’s Guide, you will gain mentoring skills and confidence.

Training and Marriage Resources for Small Group Mentors

Enroll at the Beautiful Womanhood Mentor Academy if you want to

  • Partner with women through their deepest needs and struggles
  • Help women develop beautiful, thriving marriages
  • Become an effective mentor for women’s small groups
  • Receive training, resources, and support, either as an individual mentor, or as part of a mentoring ministry in your church

Becoming a trained mentor will help others to enjoy happier, healthier marriages. Let the divorce rate plummet! Join the Mentor Academy today.

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