Strategy #2 for Dislodging a Marriage That’s Stuck

marriage that's stuckDo you feel trapped in a marriage that’s stuck? When forward movement seems painful or impossible, you need to ask God for a word.

In last week’s blog, we discussed the strategy of Listening.┬áNow let’s move on to the second of four strategies for dislodging a marriage that’s stuck.

Strategy #2 Ask God for a Word

When my marriage was stuck and divorce or death seemed preferable to continuing in a miserable marriage, I asked God for a word. And He didn’t go silent on me.

He spoke directly to my heart when reading my Bible. In fact, during the time I was asking Him for a word, I found several verses that pertained to my particular situation. When reading these passages, I felt God speaking directly to me. I share a few like I Peter 3:1-2 and Ephesians 3:20 and 4:15 in chapter 8 of my book, The Beautiful Wife.

These verses helped transform my thoughts and reshape my actions which, over time, was enough to dislodge my husband and I from the muddy mire we’d been wallowing in.

But God didn’t stop there. He also spoke words through godly mentors and Christian counselors. The words I received were life-giving and full of the encouragement I was desperate for.

When I grabbed a hold of the words He was sharing and made them my own, I grew in the strength and courage needed to begin thinking and doing marriage differently. Over time, God worked through me to deeply impact my husband.

The beautiful thing is, you can ask God for a word about any sticky situation you’re facing. When my husband and I came to the same conclusion it was time we moved from our farm, I asked God what He wanted to say to me regarding the pain I felt at leaving a home I’d loved for so long (I admit, I was more than a little attached).

Once again, He had a word for me:

I’ll take care of you. I’ll cover you with my feathers (a reference to Psalm 91, not a feather boa!)

I felt the strength of His promise to care for and protect me in these words. They filled me with courage to move from the familiar into the unknown.

Several weeks later, after we found our new home on a bluff overlooking a winding river, I asked Him what He wanted to say to me.

He repeated the same words I’d heard before, but this time the emphasis was on the word ‘I’.

I will take care of you.

I sensed His words were more personal than promise. He wanted to reveal more of His character to me. And I experienced Him in that moment as a powerful protector who knew all about me and delighted in giving me my heart’s desires. Even when I didn’t think I deserved them.

Then, two hours later, He asked me a question.

How am I doing?

Tears streamed down my face as I exclaimed in wonder, “Above and beyond anything I could ask, think, hope, or imagine!

This God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ wants to give you a word so you can know more about His desire to care for, protect, defend and deliver you from the sticky situation you’re facing. All that stands between you and this marvelous communication is you.

You’ll need to carve out some quiet in your life and ask. Don’t hesitate. He’s waiting for you.

Ask Him for a word that will begin the process of dislodging a marriage that’s stuck.

Packing up and Moving Out!



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