The One Degree Marriage Challenge


The One Degree Marriage ChallengeDoes February cause you feelings of frustration or sadness? if so, consider taking the One Degree Marriage Challenge!

During this ‘month of love’, instead of wishing your marriage resembled your friend’s marriage or a Jared’s diamond commercial, let’s harness our God-given desire for healthier relationships and focus on one degree of change each week. If you take the ‘One Degree’ challenge, by the end of February you will have practiced 4 biblical principles and experience the results of aligning yourself with God’s Word.

All month, I’ll be providing biblical ideas that will produce one degree of change in your marriage. How can I be sure you’ll get results? Because God watches over His Word to perform it (Jeremiah 1:12)

The One Degree Marriage Challenge

Choose one idea that best fits your particular marriage, go for it, and watch God work!

  1. Choose Joy
    Rather than focusing on the negative, choose to thank God for the ways in which He’s blessed you. Ask the Holy Spirit to highlight the goodness of God in your life so you can praise Him for it! I Thessalonians 5:16, Philippians 4:4.
  2. Honor His Wishes
    If something is important to your husband, make it important to you. This morning Tom asked me if I would be in the vicinity of Costco anytime today because there’s a few things we need there. Though my schedule won’t bring me close to Costco, you can be sure I’ll be heading out before 2:00. Why? Because the list is important to him. Philippians 2:3,4
  3. Give Him Your Undivided Attention
    When your husband speaks, use body language to send the message that you’re listening: face your husband, stand still (yes, this means you need to stop what you’re doing), and fix your eyes on him with undivided attention. Do not think about what you are going to say or do next. James 1:19
  4. Do not interrupt.
    Focus on what he says. When he is finished, respond in an “I’m interested in what you’re saying” tone. Ask questions or repeat back key phrases; this lets him know that you are listening. Proverbs 18:13

Avoid the temptation to choose more than one principle during the One Degree Marriage Challenge. Let’s practice one step and get really good at it!

Beautiful Action Steps:

  1. Journal your observations about how your actions are impacting the climate of your marriage.
  2. Click the social media share buttons below so friends can take the One Degree of Change Challenge with you!


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