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The following aren’t just any ideas about marriage, they’re ideas laced with wisdom for wives based on biblical principles. And since God is good and his ways are perfect, favor will result from implementing them. Esther received favor for implementing idea #4 (listed below) and became queen of Persia. You will receive God’s favor when you choose 1 idea that best suits your marriage.

Choose One Idea from this Wisdom for Wives List and Implement for 1 Week

1. Cherish Togetherness
In the book, His Needs, Her Needs: Building An Affair-proof Marriage, author Willard Harley shares the top 5 needs of husbands and wives. After conducting surveys, he learned that one of a man’s greatest needs is for a recreational companion. Your husband wants a wife who will spend time doing things with him…even if it’s sitting on the couch watching his favorite team or sport. Genesis 2:18 (Voice)
As many of you know, Tom is a convertible man. When I ride with him in the Mini Cooper, I believe he’s the happiest man on earth. Years ago on vacation, Tom wanted to rent a convertible while travelling in the Florida Keys, but I resisted… strongly! After all, who wants to vacation with messy hair?? Today I regret my selfishness and I regret not having experienced that marvelous adventure.  I figured out how to look stylish and drive in the open air. Hats:)
What interests does your husband have that God is prompting you to share in?

2. Resist the Urge to Correct
This is a difficult task for most women, including me! As I shared in The Beautiful Wife, correcting Tom’s pronunciation is like a knee-jerk reaction…that he doesn’t  appreciate! More than almost anything, this one action robs me of the intimacy I desire  with Tom. What areas of your husband’s life are you tempted to correct?  Proverbs 17:28

3.  Take His Advice
Before asking your husband’s advice, consider this: Do you want it? Or are you simply         looking for someone to agree with you? Asking for and then disregarding his advice makes him wonder why you bothered asking in the first place. Taking his advice boosts his confidence and endears you to him. Proverbs 12:15

4.  Dress to Please Him
As I mentioned in my previous blog, men are visual! Give him something pretty to look at! I’m not asking you to disregard your personal style in favor of his, but look for opportunities to dress for him and his particular tastes. Esther 2:15

Just as Esther received favor when she implemented Item #4, so will you receive favor from God as you seek to please Him by taking your cues from his wonderful wisdom for wives.

Beautiful Action Step

Choose one idea from the wisdom for wives list above and implement it fully for 1 week. Pass this blog along to someone you know who needs God’s wisdom for her marriage.

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