Defined Conference and Retreat | Building Confidence, Eliminating Shame

Defined Christian conference and retreat to build confidence, eliminate shame

Christian Conference and Retreat to Build Confidence and Eliminate Shame

Description of Defined: Becoming a Woman of Holy Confidence

If 2 Corinthians 5:17 defines believers as new creations, why do so many women live more like caterpillars than butterflies? In the Defined conference and retreat, Sandy Ralya speaks about the toxic effect shame exerts on a woman’s ability to soar with confidence. She has personally experienced God’s transformational power over shame. She now enjoys improved relationships, enhanced self-image, and fulfillment. Attendees of this presentation will gain more confidence in their relationship with God, others, and themselves. They will also be energized to fulfill the God-size dreams He has for them.

Defined Conference and Retreat Outline

This presentation is built around eradicating toxic shame-filled messages and replacing them with the truth of God’s Word. Consequently, women can enjoy greater confidence in 4 key areas:

1. Confidence with God. It’s difficult for women to believe what God says about them when they simultaneously believe shame-filled lies whispered by Satan. Sandy illuminates when and how these lies infect her relationship with God and encourages women to: Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal these lies, turn to God with their shame, and replace lies with God’s truth.

2. Confidence with others. In order to keep others from seeing the lies we believe, we erect defenses such as blame, comparison, and bullying to push others away and protect ourselves apart from the grace of God. The antidotes of sorrow, gratitude, and kindness melt walls and invite relationship.

3. Confidence in appearance. Each woman is given a unique beauty to unveil, yet comparison and words spoken by others cast a shadow of shame on many a woman’s countenance. Women are encouraged to ask God the question, “What if the lies I’ve believed about myself aren’t true?” Naming, renouncing, and repenting of lies believed provides the safety needed for beauty to come out of hiding.

4. Confidence to explore and fulfill God-sized dreams. Knowing one’s purpose is essential to enjoying abundant life here on earth. Sandy reveals the definition of vision as described by Solomon in Proverbs 29:18. Contrary to our understanding, vision is tangible, precise, and critical for achieving God-size dreams.

Intended Conference and Retreat Audience

This event is designed for the woman who desires greater confidence in her relationship with God, others, her appearance, or ability to fulfill God-size dreams.

Event Format and Features

Defined: Becoming a Woman of Holy Confidence incorporates vulnerable teaching, media, props, small group discussions, exercises, activities, (4) interactive worksheets, and additional relationship-enhancing tools. The event can be delivered through a 30-45 minute breakout session, 60 minute keynote presentation or seminar, half-day workshop or conference, or retreat.

Intended Results

Audience members will

  • Learn how to detect and eradicate shame and lies that poison confidence
  • Discover the missing link that improves relationship health
  • Realize their God-given beauty
  • Learn how to determine and fulfill God-size dreams
  • Grow in confidence

Why Bring Sandy Ralya to Speak?

Sandy Ralya speaks all around the country through conferences, retreats, and other events. She brings her message of hope and encouragement to women everywhere. She is recognized as a leading authority in marriage and mentoring. Her book The Beautiful Wife has received rave reviews, and has been the basis for marriage small groups sprouting up all over the world, in churches and in homes. Notably, she has been interviewed by major media, including Focus on the Family, Everyday Relationships, and Family Life Today.


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Defined Christian conference and retreat to build confidence, eliminate shame 2

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